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 Our Donation List:

We are a small family owned greeting card company. Life has been good to us and we are very grateful.

We also realize that many people and many animals are not so fortunate.

There are so many places in need of help and there are many good people out there working very hard to help those less fortunate. These are the unsung heros in our world.

 It is very difficult to exclude any of them but we have to make the hard choices, as our resources are limited

 We are not a Charity Christmas card site but  we support several  charities with regular donations based on sales from this website  

   We donate a portion of our net proceeds to  Casa de los Niños  crisis center for abused and neglected children and to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. (find us under "Shopping" link on their site.)

We have expanded our regular donation list to include automatic monthly donations on a regular basis to this list and more may be added as we plan for the  year 2012


Best Friends Animal Shelter

Humane Society of the United States

Last Chance For Animals

Animal Legal Defense Fund

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