Southwest  Gift Tag Cards..Holiday and Any Occasion Gift Tags.. Made in USA

          Southwest Greeting Cards, Folded Gift Tag Cards   (Like miniature greeting cards.)

Matching Christmashese Gift tag Cards are blank inside, all measure 2 8"3" .  (Le miniature Christmas cards.) 6 cards   per package

  in crystal clear re-sealable  hanging bags and retail for $1.50 each package   

  (no envelopes needed, Gift tag cards have removable tape on back of each card  for attaching them to your gift


  gt-801                              gt-802                                 gt-804                   gt-837                         gt-451



  gt-803                         gt-826                       gt-718    gt-706                gt-449




   gt-711               gt-703               gt-702                    gt-704                   gt-335          gt-571   



gt-575           gt-570                 gt-562               gt-565                gt-447                 gt-452           

All of our cards are printed in the USA.
All of our supplies are purchased in the USA

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