Southwest  Note Cards..Thank You Cards...             Made in USA

Southwest Style Boxed Note Cards     

 These Note Cards are blank inside, all measure 4 1/4"x 5 1/2"  . 

 10 cards and envelopes per box in crystal clear boxes with gold stretch loop ribbon and retail for $5.95 each package. 

Large note cards   and Single large note cards with gold foil lined envelopes are available

   2  "Thank You" cards available-Same information as note cards      N508t                                      N958T

                                   N751                              N750               

N852                                                     N749                                               N853    


N502                   N503                N504                 N506




       N501                   N964                       N966                   N968



N960            N969                         N962                        N963      



N970                      N959                            N851                        N961         



     N402                    N406                                 N410            N967




N956                          N957                     N971                   N853                N424



N525                     N526                        N538                  N539                     





                       N854                          N855            N420         


N419                  N421    N531

 full 5"x7"         
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All of our cards are printed in the USA.
All of our supplies are purchased in the USA


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