Southwest Christmas / Holiday Cards-Boxed Cards-Personalized Cards--     Made in USA

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Southwest Christmas/Holiday Cards

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Packaged cards 12 per package, choose standard verse with regular envelopes or gold foil lined envelopes

C066          C514        C832       C957     

C713                                                  C716                               C703        

C515               C510           C511          C512

  C441                          C442                                  C443                                C447  

C445                  C1131         

C051                       C941A                         C1303                        C957         


C1301                 C1302                C1304              C1122       

C1121                    C944                           C1123                    C1124        

C1126                               C1132                        C054                     C053                             

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C573                   C838                          C1128             C716   

              C572                           C1129                   C056             





          C703                                         C056                                           



                             C680                 C827                 C704    



       C055                      C052                  C1130      C839    

C713                                        C707                                 C448                   


C948                                   C683                       C942                                                                                                                


                    C059NM                         C063TX                            



                        C822                                          C680 


C713                C448                        C055  

All of our cards are printed in the USA.
All of our supplies are purchased in the USA

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